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Maximum watt densityDependant on application and size Maximum sheath temperature1200掳F Diameter5/8" to 22" Width5/8" to 14" Electrical terminationsPost terminals,Terminal box,Stainless steel braided leads, Armor cable,European connector, European connector Mica band heater key features 禄 Top quality mica of various thicknesses 禄 Maximum sheath temperature: 1200掳F 禄 External metallic sheath includes a special alloy 禄 Broad range of construction designs, clamping mechanisms, and electrical terminal types Flat heating elements on a mica backing provide intense heat in a small space: the mica insulating sheets are 0.9 mm thick. They can be produced with differentiated power zones to give uniform heat distribution. Our engineers make an accurate analysis of the right specific power for the project, which, together with workmanlike application ensures etched foil heating elements a practically infinite life cycle with maximum working temperature of 500掳C. We supply mica heating elements for scientific laboratory equipment.Mica Heating Element Made in China website: