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Brief Introduction Paclitaxel, also called taxol, is a monomer diterpenoid compound extracted from natural taxus bark. It is a kind of complex secondary metabolites, which is a currently understood only a drug that can promote microtubule polymerization and stability have been aggregated. Isotope tracing showed that paclitaxel powder was bound only to polymerized microtubules, not to the polymerized tubulin two. Cell contact after the accumulation of a large number of microtubules in cells, which interfere with various cellular functions, especially the cell division stop in mitosis, blocking the normal cell division. PTX, a chemotherapy medication used to treat a number of types of cancer. This includes ovarian cancer, breasts cancer, lung cancer, laposi sarcoma, cervical cancer, and pancreatic cancer. It is given by injection into a vein. There is also an albumin bound formulation. Product Description Product Name Paclitaxel powder Appearance White crystal powder Nature Source Taxus chinensis, Chinese yew Purity99% Shelf Life 2 Years Storage Cool dry place Analysis Item Specification Results Appearance White crystal powder Complies Assay(HPLC) 鈮?9.0% 99.5% Odor Characteristic Complies Particle Size NTL 95% pass 80mesh Complies Melting Point 213鈩?216鈩?/span> Complies Boiling Point 957.11鈩?nbsp;at 760 mmHg Complies Refractive Index -49掳(C=1, MeOH)Complies Pb 鈮?.0mg/kg 锛?.0mg/kg As 鈮?.0mg/kg 锛?.0mg/kg Cd 鈮?.0mg/kg 锛?.0mg/kg Hg 鈮?.1mg/kg 锛?.1mg/kg Microbiology Total Plate Count 鈮?000cfu/g 119cfu/g Yeast&Molds 鈮?00cfu/g 41cfu/g E.Coli Negative Negative Salmonella Negative Negative Function 1. Paclitaxel has obvious effects on treating patients with lung, ovarian, breast and advanced forms of kaposi鈥檚 sarcoma; 2. It is also used for the prevention of restenosis of coronary stents, locally delivered to the wall of the coronary aetery and limited the growth of neointima with stents; 3. It is a mitotic inhibitor drug used in the treatment of cancer. Application 1. Applied in health products; 2. Applied in pharmaceutical field. Packaging 1-5kg6-24kgMore than 25kg Packed in foil bagPacked in paper boxPacked in paper drum Delivery Shipping Terms By Express By Air By Sea Suitable for under 50kg Fast: 3-7 days High cost Door to door service Easy to pick up the goodsSuitable for more than 50kg Fast: 3-5 days High cost Port to port service Professional broker neededSuitable for more than 50kg Fast: 7-10days Low cost Port to port service Professional broker neededAPI And Intermediate Free Sample website: