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Because of coronavirus in 2020, we have update a new terminal call Smart Pass Management Terminal, this 8鈥?body temperature kiosk is based Rockchip Soc RK3288 equipped with industrial binocular camera and face biometric technology. The device is flexible according to customers' application and installation environment, for example, we could adopt special designed enclosure to make it good ingress protection rating of IP65 for outdoor use, optional GPS module for some mobile applications like in-vehicle, optional cellular 3G/4G LTE module which require to upload the data to server etc. Normaly buit-in wifi and Bluetooth could cover most of the applications like wall-mounted and entrance Gate etc. The 8"screen with 1280x800 resolution and multipoints capacitive touch panel gives integrator and user the excellent experience. F81 supports the face recognition and temperature detection functions. It can quickly and accurately test the body temperature and give an alarm automatically when there is some over pre-set temperature, and the alarm configuration can be set, temperature accurate test 鈮?卤0.3. Besides, this device has abundant intefaces like RJ45, USB, Serial port, Wiegand interface, relay etc. Therefore, This infrared face recognition tablet has been widely used in many applications like office areas, hotel gates, city bus, schools, shops, communities and public services for attendance and access control projects.Customized Infrared Face Recognition website:http://www.vecotonsmart.com/infrared-face-recognition/