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Product Name Linear Actuator for HospitalBrand Name Litack Model Number LF01Voltage(V): DC 12V/24V Color Black/WhiteCertificate CE锛孍U,UL Max. Speed at no load 3-44mm/sMax. Speed at Full load 2.8mm/s at 6000N Stroke 50-500mmMax Load 6000N(Push)/4000N(Pull) Duty Cycle Max 10%,2min Continuous operation in 20 minMin Installation Dimension Stroke+105mm (no signal output) Temperature Range -15鈩?+60鈩?/p>Protection Grade IP42 Limited Switch Build-inOther Option Hall Sensor Description of Linear Actuator for Hospital The linear actuator for hospital provide smooth adjustment of height, leg supports and backrests in modern tables and couches for treatment and examination. It is used in electric sofas, smart lounge chairs, electric beds, etc. It is durable, self-locking function, stable speed, maintenance-free, low cost performance and low noise. Features of Linear Actuator for Hospital 1. Design freedom for multiple products 2. Mature systems help maintain compliance 3. Superior product performance and experienced team Litack has been developing electric actuator systems and solutions for more than 10 years. In the ongoing research and development process, the company has established a global presence and gained extensive market insight. Combined with the ability to listen carefully to manufacturers, Litack remains committed to being a flexible partner capable of developing more customized solutions as needed.Medical Linear Actuator manufacturers website: