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Metal Carports Metal carports is mainly used to provide a shelter for the vehicle to protect the vehicle from the rain and the sun. Steel structure metal carports is also widely used in industrial plants, schools, shopping malls and other public places, which can often be used to park bicycles, electric vehicles and other types of car sheds. Of course, there are also private car sheds customized for cars. As a metal carports, the most important thing is to have good rainproof and sunscreen performance Steel specifications selected for metal carports: 10cmx10cm square tube for steel column, 4cmx8cm square tube for beam, 4cmx6cm square tube for purlin, and steel plate for roof. The steel has the quality assurance of tensile strength, elongation, yield strength, sulfur, phosphorus, carbon content and cold bending test. Welding materials: the welding rod, welding wire and flux used in the metal carports, the yield strength, elongation, ultimate strength and impact toughness of the deposited metal shall be suitable for the main metal. When the steel with different strength is welded, the welding materials suitable for the low strength steel can be used. The mechanical properties of the weld formed by welding materials and welding procedures shall not be lower than the grade of the original structure Metal Carports Detailed Main Material of Metal Carports Packing & Shipping of Metal Carports NoDescriptionPictures Showed 1All of the steel column&beam ends and plates will be packed by the blanket to protect them from the crash in the container during the shipment 2To make the loading and unloading more efficiently and saving the delivery cost, 40'container is preferred to loading the steel frames 3All the wall & roof panels will be filmed by two sides and fixed stably in the 40' HQ container 4All the windows and doors will be protected by the bubble rapping papers and fixed stably in the containerCustomized Steel Carport website: