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Tiger Shark VTOL Hybrid system Product Introduction - Ideal combination of high energy density gasoline and high efficiency electric motor - Complete composite construction using carbon fibre and Kevlar on a rigid honeycomb core structure - New fuselage design concept that conceals all avionics cables - Robust structure engineered to industrial quality - Redundant power system for flight controller to maximize safety - Compatible with PC-based, full-featured, open source autopilot system - High durability gasoline engine from Germany - Built in 5.2 L fuel tank - Easy to assemble in the field, no need for expert skill - VTOL to suit virtually any mission Specification Wing Span3500mm Fuel tank5.2L MTOW22kg Endurance> 5 hours 锛?.5kg payload锛?/span> Fuel consumption< 1L/ hour (21kg MTOW) Mission range500 +km Cruise speed26m/s Stall speed19m/s Maximum speed33m/s Service ceiling< 2000m Takeoff / LandingVTOL Glide ratio (L / D)20:1锝?3:1 The tiger shark hybrid VTOL is specifically designed to have additional endurance and a heavier payload for any tough missions. Developed on the legendary Eagle Hero, it has completed a series of arduous missions around the world. With our innovative design approach and extensive experience, we have achieved an efficient tiger shark hybrid vertical takeoff and landing. It has a German imported low stall speed and an extended cruise window using a highly efficient petrol engine. Flying time has been extended to a staggering five hours, and reliability has not been compromised. In addition to the huge payload capacity, we have added intelligent features such as the removable module module. Avionics systems have taken a big step forward.For example, cables are shielded and hidden to reduce electromagnetic interference and prevent tampering. The quadrotor system has been significantly upgraded to a giant 22kg MTOW literally "heavy" mission. VTOL is not restricted by field and runway requirements. In addition, the quadrotor has the added benefit of providing maximum fail-safe protection during the mission. . The Tiger Shark hybrid vertical take-off and landing machine is durable and powerful. It can fly for more than five hours, with a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour and a flight of more than 500 kilometers. It can fly autonomously, capture high-resolution photos for aerial mapping, 3D mapping, monitor crop health, and wirelessly transmit live video. Missions like border surveillance, highway surveillance, pipeline surveillance, search and rescue, tiger shark hybrid VTOL can be performed perfectly. These are achieved by airborne flight control systems with incredible accuracy. Engine system The 3W-28ICS engine, imported from Germany, offers the greatest reliability for extended drone applications. This engine is very reliable, with a factory warranty of 36 months or 1,200 hours from the date of purchase. A custom automatic start system makes it possible to restart the engines mid-flight. This is an important feature of our product in order to ensure failure safety. The unique modular installation design enables the engine to allow almost all plug and play areas. Replacing the engine module only requires the removal of three screws, and the whole process takes only a few minutes. The specially designed composite hard carrying case makes it easy to transport the Tiger Shark safely.Drones Vtol factory website: