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Wenzhou Shangke Electrician Metal Co., Ltd. ,a minority-owned and ISO 9001:2015 registered company, is specialized in producing and processing a series of customized products, such as Dual Power Accessories, AC Contactor Accessories, Wall switch Accessories and Air Switch Accessories. PRODUCT INFORMATION NAME: Threaded Iron Metal Parts Material: Brass/ Copper/Stainless Steel Package: Carton, Wooden Case, Pallet Features: Customized acceptable/ Long Duration Application: Contactor, Circuit breaker, Drop-out Fuse, Switch,etc. Please contact us if you need any other stamping parts! Process There are many types of metal stamping parts. Stamping parts are also widely used. Stamping parts processing plants are gradually prevailing, providing stamping parts processing services. The stamping parts processing factory specializes in the production and processing of stamping parts. Learn more about stamping parts through stamping parts pictures and stamping part specifications. This will help us purchase high-quality stamping parts products. Professionals guide you.Industrial Electrical Accessories suppliers website:http://www.metalwzsk.com/industrial-electrical-accessories/