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鈥?History Hangzhou Wuqiandan Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It has been established for six years and is mainly engaged in technology research and sales of new energy products. In these six years, we have continued to innovate and strive to make high-quality products. The safety, durability and reliability of new energy products has always been our pursuit. 鈥?Product Research and development, production and sales of 3C batteries and mobile power supplies; research and development and sales of power battery packs and BMS management systems; research and development, production and sales of energy storage power supplies and photovoltaic projects. 鈥?Product Application Our energy storage batteries can be used in all scenarios of life. It can be used at home or outdoors. For working, entertainment, camping, and home use. 鈥?Certificate Our company has a variety of different types of energy products, such as mobile power, storage power and so on. Our products also have certification for safe transport of chemical goods, SDS and so on. 鈥?Production Market With advanced product technology and industry experience, our products have been distributed all over the world, mainly to the United States and Europe. We sincerely hope to establish a pleasant and win-win cooperative relationship with you. 鈥?Service We guarantee we can provide high product quality, fast delivery, and large order handle capacity for you. In addition, good sense of customer service and responsibility lay a solid foundation for future development. And we also attach great importance to after-sales service, it means we do not want to lose your trust, we will do our best to satisfied your need.Lithium Battery Portable Solar Power Station website:http://www.wisamp.com/