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Introduction: The rotor of the lab vacuum homogenizer mixer rotates at a high speed in the vacuum mixing tank to generate strong kinetic energy, which forces the materials in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor to be subject to hundreds of thousands of times of hydraulic shear, centrifugal extrusion, impact, tear, and other comprehensive functions. This process is repeated at high frequency until one or more phases are uniformly distributed into another continuous phase in the materials to eventually gain bubble-free fine and stable high-quality products. Mixing tanks ranging from 5L, 10L and 20L in total volume are available as an option. As for control of the mixer there are two options: by a button type control panel or by a touch screen control panel. Applications: 鈼?It is applicable for production of various paste, suspension and cream in the industries such as biotechnology, cosmetics, medicine, food, daily chemical, ink, nano-materials. Features: 鈼?Combination of central paddle agitator, frame agitator with scraper and rotor-stator mixer 鈼?Material of wetted parts: S.S.304/S.S.316L/S.S.321 鈼?Materials are mixed, sheared, compressed folded and pushed towards rotor-stator mixer by paddle agitator and frame agitator which rotates in opposite directions 鈼?Inside wall of mixing tank is swept by PTFE scrapers on frame agitator 鈼?Air bubbles are eliminated simultaneously from materials by vacuum equipment during mixing period Advantages: 鈼?High energy efficiency 鈼?Environmentally friendly 鈼?Final products are perfect in homogeneity (200 nm to 2渭m), excellent fineness, gloss and ductility. 鈼?Easy to clean and maintain Technical specifications: Total volume of mixing tank: 5L, 10L, 20L Technical data: customized according to actual applicationsCustomized Lab Equipment website:http://www.mixerbeadmill.com/lab-equipment/