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R3100 is a powdered plastic additive with organic-modified UHMW polysiloxane, which has benefits of lubrication, abrasion resistance and promoting filler dispersion. Features Appearance:White flow powder Bulk density:Approx.0.40 g/cm3 The content of polysiloxane, %:60~70 Application R3100 is applicable to different kinds of polymer materials. It can obviously improve the processing fluidity, reduce screw torque and current intensity thus reducing energy consumption and enhancing throughput. Due to its promotion of filler dispersion, it improves the surface of glass fiber reinforced material. With the characteristic of reduced surface coefficient of friction, it can improve abrasion resistance with enhanced surface gloss and smoothness. With low migration and no exudation, it has no influence on printing and coating properties. R3100 can be used with all known additives, and being used together with fillers can promote filler dispersion. Storage R3100 is suggested to be stored in a dry and cool place. It will be valid for two years. Please seal up after each open.China Coating Plastic Additives suppliers website: