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Product: Nickel Alloy Ni-200 Manufacturing process: hot rolling, hot forging, car polishing Nickel rod production grades: N02200, N02201 Nickel rod executive standard: ASTM B160 Nickel rod production specifications: diameter (1.0 ~ 150) * length (500-6000) Nickel rod production status: hot processing status (R) cold processing status (Y) annealing status (M) Nickel rod manufacturing process: hot rolling, hot forging, turning (polishing) Nickel Alloy Ni-201belongs to low carbon nickel alloy Physical properties Has good ductility and has medium hardness. High purity nickel rod is a silver-white metal with magnetic properties and good plasticity. It has good corrosion resistance. Nickel is almost silver-white, hard and malleable and ferromagnetic metal element. It can be highly polished and resistant to corrosion. It is green after dissolving in nitric acid. Mainly used in alloys (such as nickel steel and nickel silver) and as a catalyst (such as Raney nickel, especially used as a hydrogenation catalyst) Density 8.902 g/cm3 Melting point 1453鈩?/p> Boiling point 2732鈩?/p> application: Military industry, aerospace, machinery, anti-corrosion industry, smelting additives, etc.Nickel suppliers website:http://www.tskmaterials.com/nickel/